Joe DeLoach

Bachelor of Science Business Administration (Concentration in Finance)

“My senior year, I decided to take a job offer in my major from a local business with the intent on finishing up while working. That came to a screeching halt after a few months when I accepted a job promotion that required me to move away from Greenville. I had probably three of four classes remaining that I needed to finish up. Bad decision at the time — but life happens.

My children kept me focused and inspired. I decided to return to ECU when they were very young. I had a realization it would be very tough for me as a parent to emphasize the importance of education and commitment to them, having not completed my own degree — especially having been so close to completion. I had a young family, worked a full-time job, and disappeared to study after getting everyone to bed each night. It was a teachable moment for myself.

I was enrolled in the distance education program, but I drove to campus each week from Raleigh. I spent time in the computer lab, took quizzes and tests, and spoke with some of my professors regularly. I really think it helped to have time on campus. It gave me an additional sense of pride and accomplishment as a student — 20 years later!

I never needed to complete my degree for additional money or promotions at my job. It was all about a personal goal that I set. Achieving that changed me and helped me with my own personal development as a person, a parent and a team builder.”